Visa woe dashes Siso’s Bahrain trip

By Mars G. Alison

A visa problem has dashed Bernardine “Nino” Siso’s chances of playing in his first-ever international men’s open tournament.

Siso, a former top junior netter in Cebu, was supposed to represent the Philippines and his school, University of San Carlos (USC), and leave for Bahrain last Sunday to compete in the 65th Open Tennis Championship from November 25 to 29.

Niño Siso
Niño Siso

He was, however, informed early Sunday morning that there was a problem with his visa and that he has been dropped from the tournament.

Siso said that he is disappointed with the development but he is accepting it with no hard feelings.

“Maybe it is a sign that I should continue to concentrate as a full-time student until I graduate,” Siso said.

After reigning supreme in local junior tournaments, Siso has not been seeing much action as he opted to focus on his nursing studies. He will be graduating from the course in March.

Siso would have seen action in the Super Singles category, which is the highlight of the event.

Aside from Siso, also dropped from the tournament is the player from France, who like him was also said to have visa problems.

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