Thanks for all the help in face Off 2



I am now breathing easy after a very hectic weekend.

Face Off 2, which saw the Philippine Azkals and Malaysia Tigers play to a nil-nil draw, gave me and the other officers of the Cebu Football Association many sleepless nights and probably other related health problems brought about by the stress of putting an international friendly together.

Last Sunday, I hardly had the time to sit down during the game and when I had a chance to do so during the half-time break, the ERUF paramedics and my doctor friends made sure that I was well-hydrated.

What was the worst part of the night was not dealing with the hard-headed fans and staff, who would insist on doing things that would call the attention of the people of the security committee, but not being able to watch a good part of the game.

I did catch a few moments like a save by Patrick Deyto at the goal mouth and when he thwarted a penalty kick.  This made me think of maybe begging off from being part of the organizing committee the next time we have a big football match here, so I can just be a fan hehehe…

What is great about being there to work though is the fact that the other officers of the CFA are also working extra hard that you will be encouraged to do the same.

I am happy to be part of the team despite lacking sleep and having to deal with all the aches and pains after the match, so until the next one again guys!

I would also like to thank those who helped make my role as security officer of the local organizing committee of Face Off 2 much easier.  Thanks to the Philippine National Police especially Supt. Emily Desuyo-Santos and CInsp Delfin Señor.  Thanks also to CSupt Danny Constantino and SSupts Ted Carranza and Noli Romana for the assistance.

For the Armed Forces of the Philippines, I would like to thank Major General John Bonafos, commander of the Central Command, for his support along with Col. Philip Lapinid and Lt. Col. Ebarita.

Thank you also to the volunteers from the board of directors of the Philippine Society for Industrial Security (PSIS-7) Alex Orofeo and Paul Dignadice, my judo family especially my coach Jojo Roa, and the Lexmark Football Club, who served as marshals as well as my foster sons and daughters from PMA class 2017, who were instant volunteers that day.

face off2
Posing for posterity with my foster sons and daughters from PMA Class 2017, who were instant volunteer marshals for the event.

This time, it was much easier to do things after our experience with the friendly against Singapore last November 2012 and the hosting of the AFC President’s Cup on May last year.

The next one should be much easier to do logically, but if you handle security, you can never relax until the last man from both teams leaves the venue.


            I have realized that it has been a while since I wrote something for the blog, which could be attributed to a few things – being busy with work, being busy with sports activities, or simply being lazy.  I sure hope it is not the last one.

            Today also seems a good time to write again as my daughter, Nina Andrea, turns 12 years old.

            We fondly call her Andi although she now prefers to be called Nina, but no matter what has changed in her, especially her height, she remains my baby girl.

            Being quite tall for her age, I hope to someday convince her to start playing volleyball, which is one of the sports closest to my heart.

            Yes, despite my being such a sports nut, I never force my kids to get into any sport if they don’t want to.    

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