Penalty bootfest set in Liloan this Sunday


The Liloan Sports and Football Club is hosting a special event this Sunday – a Penalty Tournament.

This is a charity event for the youth of the Liloan SFC.  The competition will be held at the field of the Liloan Elementary School.

Each team is allowed to field only six to 10 players including the goalkeeper.

Entry fee is pegged at P250 per team (6 players –five kickers and one goalie), but an additional P50 will be collected for each additional player as long as there are not more than ten players for a team.

Manfred Schuwerk, one of the organizers, said that the tournament follows the format of a penalty shootout.  Each team fields five kickers and if in case the score is tied after the five kickers, there will be a sudden-death until the tenth kicker for each team.

If the teams are still tied after the tenth kicker, the match will be decided by the tossing of coins.

A team earns three points for each win by the number of goals, two for each win by the toss of a coin, one for a loss by the toss of a coin, and zero for a loss via goals.

Tournament registration is held every Wednesday and Friday during practices at the Liloan Football Field.  Deadline is on December 27.

The elimination round follows the round robin format.  Teams will draw lots for their assignments. If there are more than ten teams, the participants will be divided by bracket.

For the semifinal and the finals, there will be a sudden-death shootout until a team emerges as winner.

There will be a trophy at stake for the champion and half of the total amount that will be collected from entry fees will be given back as cash prizes.

The organizers will also feature penalty shooting by some prominent members of the community.—Nimrod NL Quiñones


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