My year that was, 2014



I waited for the last day of the year to write my musings again.  I must have been too busy or too lazy to write, but who cares anyway maybe nobody reads what nobodies like me write on my blog.

The year that is about to pass, that has been full of ups and downs as in the previous years of my life and probably the coming years.  I just don’t have any idea how long I have to live, but that is life – it gives you reasons to be happy and reasons to be sad, angry, demoralized, and so on.

So, what made 2014 special?  That got me thinking.

There have been lots of reasons from a sporting point of view.

Two of the biggest sporting events I got involved with in 2014 were both about football – the friendly between the Philippines and Malaysia and Kick for Life: Football Marathon 101.

I also found myself surrounded by close to 200 ladies when our golf club hosted the 9th PAL Ladies Interclub.

Receiving a token from PAL President Jimmy Bautista after we hosted the PAL Ladies Interclub.
Receiving a token from PAL President Jimmy Bautista after we hosted the PAL Ladies Interclub.

Personally, what made this year really great for me is the fact that I am back playing and teaching judo again.  After going back to the mats last February at the University of San Carlos Gym, our group has moved to Lexmark Plaza 1 where the Hijos de Roa Judo Club and the Lexmark Judo Club now practice.

I try to squeeze in one judo session in my weekly schedule, but there have been times when other commitments and ailments have forced me off the mats.

The Hijos de Roa and Lexmark Judo Club members
The Hijos de Roa and Lexmark Judo Club members

In 2015, I hope to do better.

Golf was up at the start of the year then spiraled downward to the end of 2014.  I guess I am more convinced now to spend more time practicing judo and playing football than playing golf once or twice a month.

Many don’t believe that I shun golf as I work in a golf club, but that is my reality.  I would rather play table tennis after judo and football and volleyball, before golf.

Although the year has been quite kind, I continue to miss those good old days when I was beating daily deadlines and putting a newspaper to bed before I temporarily call it a day as I have to stay alert for late breakers.

I spent more than half of my life doing that and it is just hard to get it out of my system.  This can also be read as – I am happier working as a journalist more than anything else.

Although I still do the occasional article for a nationally-circulated golf magazine and have my show on myTV, which airs on channel 30 of SkyCable TV Cebu, trying to stay abreast with the latest in sports has been quite a task, but I always try my best to continue supporting sports in my own little way.

This website,, has become my avenue to continue writing on a regular basis even if I have been slacking.

There are bigger plans for this website in 2015.  Yes, some of them were big plans for 2014 and 2103 also hehehe…

It just takes a lot of extra effort to get them going but I hope to find all the strength and funds to do them in 2015.

As I look back to the year that is about to pass, I also realize the many lost opportunities, which I still hope to come across in the days to come.

To my family, friends, colleagues, detractors, and everyone else, thank you for making 2014 what it was!


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