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The 1UP event last Friday at the University of the Philippines Cebu grounds was a huge success.  The group that started with a small initiative to help the typhoon victims completed packing close to 17,000 bags of relief goods after that night.

We thought we’d be happy with 200 to 500 bags, but then we realized that many were more than willing to help and we aimed for 15,000 then and we surpassed that number.

1UP at UP Cebu
1UP at UP Cebu

Our formula was simple, 1+2+3+1 — a kilo of rice, two canned goods, three noodles and a liter of water.  More than just being easy to remember, it was also easy to put together even for those who had less in life.

To all, who supported in whatever way you did, thank you very much!

The relief packs have been sent out to the people of many areas in the northern part of Cebu including Bantayan Island.  There were also several packs that were sent to Leyte and other areas that were hit by the super typhoon.

The group that planted this “mustard seed” is now talking about moving on to the next step.

The long line of volunteers
The long line of volunteers

There are still some friends, who have offered to give financial help to the victims through our group, but I told them to just hold on to their money as it would be better if we have a concrete plan before we move on forward.

The Filipinos have proven that we can really be one people no matter what difficulties we have to go through.

There will always be naysayers.  There will always be that ineptness on the part of government.  There will always be those politicians who are only thinking of the next elections.  No matter what, there will also be always that Filipino spirit of bayanihan.

Let us move on and don’t allow that crab mentality keep us from being a great people.


            The typhoon has affected some sports events.

            The Tomodachi Tournament at Cebu Country Club was postponed from November 9 and 10 to this weekend.

            There were also many who missed the Island Tee at the Mactan Island Golf Club as they were very busy in the relief efforts.

            The opening of the Aboitiz Football Cup, which was supposed to be held last November 10, but was postponed due to the relief efforts of the earthquake in Bohol, was also further affected by the super typhoon.

            I believe there was also a basketball tournament that also had to be postponed or was it called off?

            I remember back in 1990 when Edito ‘Ala’ Villamor fought a bout at the Cebu Coliseum shortly after super typhoon Ruping.

            Since there was no electricity, the bout was held in the afternoon, but the boxing fans were still there.  It was a welcome relief for the Cebuanos, who suffered a lot after that storm 13 years ago.

            There is still much we can do to help our countrymen affected by the storm, so let’s keep on doing our little share to make this world a better place for all of us.


            MILESTONES: Happy birthday greetings to my uncle, Leonardo Frasco Quiñones.

The same goes to Gail Tabanao-Flores, Ellen Joyce Soriano, Roderick Manatad, Enrico ‘Ric Ryan’ Cardoniga, and Jade Liza Camacho-Tan.

Belated greetings go to my brother-in-law Eddie Reyes, who celebrated last Sunday.

More power to all of you!

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