MOTORISTS’ CORNER: Kids in peril on the streets of Cebu



I may look like a toughie, but my heart bleeds for those who have lesser in life especially the children, who are out on the streets begging.

While the sight always breaks my heart, I make sure that I don’t open my window to hand them coins or even food.  Aside from violating the Anti-Mendicancy Law, by giving them something you are also encouraging them to stay on the streets.

Yes, our being compassionate does these children more harm than good.

I am sure that the local government officials know that such kids exist, but nothing is being done, because as always in our country, leaders only act when something catastrophic happens.

So, this could mean a major accident involving several of these children, but why wait when there is something that can be done immediately?

There are children in several intersections now and one of their most popular haunts is right under the noses of the officials and staff of the Department of Social Welfare and Development at the junction of Gen. Maxilom, M.J. Cuenco, and Imus Avenues.

In Talisay City, there are also children who would approach vehicles at the junction of the Cebu South Coastal Road and Pooc.

There is no doubt about the danger that these kids face by being on the streets, but our leaders are probably too occupied with politicking to take action.

The authorities should not wait for a life to be lost before taking action.  While The Christmas season means giving, we should do it the safe and right way and not to children on the streets.

Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama and Talisay City Mayor Johnny de los Reyes please do something about this problem.


            Talisay City has posted notices about the ban of bicycles, tricycles and trisikads at the Cebu South Coastal Road, but there seems to be no enforcement of the law as we still see a lot of these vehicles on the road.

            Many trisikad drivers even continue to go against the flow of traffic like they own the road and the authorities are not doing anything.

            Well, what is the use of having laws when they are not going to be implemented?

            Many were hopeful that Mayor de los Reyes can do a much better job than his predecessor, but that still remains to be proven.

            I hope he is indeed the man, who can make Talisay earn its worth as a city.


            There was very light traffic today due to the Pacquiao-Rios fight in Macau.  Many people gathered in certain areas to watch the bout, but in Barangay Day-as, Cebu City, they caused a traffic jam.

The barangay hall of Day-as is located at the corner of Imus Ave. and Sikatuna St. and they blocked the right turning lane because they were showing the fight.

Traffic got stalled in Barangay Day-as.
Traffic got stalled in Barangay Day-as.

Since everybody wanted to watch, the people supposed to make sense of the traffic situation were not at their posts, so the flow of vehicles got stalled.

People were on the street to watch the fight.
People were on the street to watch the fight.

While we rejoice in the victory of Pacquiao, we should not allow barangay officials or whoever, for that matter, to be reckless when it comes to putting up something for the public to enjoy.

This just shows how poor are our choices of leaders.


            MILESTONES: November 24 is a very special date for my family as it is the birth anniversary of our matriarch, Paz Frasco-Quiñones.

Lola Paz has long passed on, but I always remember her fondly.

Happy birthday greetings go to Kaye Yap-Wee, Joefel Ortega-Banzon, Tess Bañez, Victor Guerra, Ma. Fe Binoya, Larie Ann del Mar-Mendoza, and Catherine Paran.

More power to all of you!

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