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By now, the traffic authorities of the various local government units must already know which are the problem areas, but since we still see the same thing happening almost daily, this means they are not doing anything about it.

Take for example the situation on F. Llamas St. in Punta Princesa, Cebu City.  It is crazy there, but you don’t see any traffic authorities clearing the road.

How about the most-hated Eskina Tungkil of Minglanilla?  There are some tanods assigned to help man traffic, but the town’s officials including the police are not doing much with regards to clearing the highway of illegally parked vehicles.

I remember the Department of Public Works and Highways putting up all those signs that they will remove illegally-parked vehicles on the highways, after a few days they seem to have forgotten about their threat.

In Mandaue, there are still many problem areas like the stretch of the highway in Basak where there is a big volume of vehicles passing every hour.  There are traffic law enforcers in the area, but in the side streets where drivers often disregard traffic laws, you don’t even see the shadows of law enforcers that would at least discourage the jeepney drivers from stopping in the middle of the road.

Also compounding the woes of the motorists are the poor roads.  In the Motorists’ Corner Page on Facebook, Jun Yu posted pictures of the sad state of the roads in OPRRA where a lot of vehicles pass to avoid the traffic at Escario on their way to Lahug from Capitol or the other way around.

One of the problem areas in OPRRA as posted on Facebook by Jun Yu.

Then there are the potholes which you can find just anywhere after the rains.  How come no cases have been filed against the contractors of these substandard roads and the officials, who approved them?

This should be a more interesting case to follow instead of that guy who got beaten up in a condominium in Makati.

The traffic situation in Basak San Nicolas, Cebu City has gone from bad to worse.  We can blame it on progress, but many blame it on the traffic lights at the junction of N. Bacalso Ave. and F. Lllamas St. There was already congestion before when the traffic lights were not working, but now that they are, the situation has become worse, some say.

I say that the presence of the lights will help, but then the engineers will need to adjust the timing.

Of course, there is also Tabunok, Talisay City where vendors are on the streets and tricycles and trisikads rule aside from the jeepney and bus drivers who think they own the road.

I was told that the traffic law enforcers there are afraid because somebody got killed several years ago.  So, what’s the use of putting traffic law enforcers, who can’t make things better?  What about sending the policemen, who are armed to help man traffic?

These problems have been there for a very long time, but our officials obviously are turning a blind eye. So, who do we turn to?

How about those portions of the highway in Minglanilla where the asphalt has warped?  Who is to blame and who shall pay?

I am ranting again, but by doing this I am hoping others would also stand up and say they have enough of this.  If there are more of us complaining, our government will eventually listen.

But, in the case of those tents on the highways, government will only take action once there will be blood spilled by a major accident.

The tent in Kinasang-an, which is on the highway.


            MILESTONES: Happy birthday greetings to my cousin Vincent Theodore Q. Cruz, Snyder Sy, Me-mye Reyes-Cavada, Holly Dale Bandala, and Cora Coronado-Seno.

More power to all of you!

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