Inter BPOlympics Cebu Season 2 kicks off this Saturday


The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is tagged as one of the primary drivers of Cebu’s economy.  While the employees of the industry work long hours to help our economy, it is also important to get them to do other activities to help keep them healthy.


On November 14, a total of 20 teams will gather at the Innodata Multi-Sports Court inside the HVG Arcade in Subangdaku, Mandaue City for the opening of the 2015 Inter BPOlympics Cebu Season 2.

This event is organized by Extremez Sports Federation and will run until the second weekend of December.

Vincent Joel Gagno, overall sports chairman, said that the events to be contested will be volleyball for men and women, basketball, badminton, and football.  All events, except for football which will be played at the San Roque Parish Field, will be held at the Innodata Multi-Sports Court.

Gagno said that the 20 BPO and guest teams participating are Innodata Convergys 1 and 2, Eperformax, qualfon, ASI Xlibris, Accenture, The Results, Calltek, Teleperformance, 24/7, United Health Group, Fluor, Telstra, Icomm, Zylun, EZI Connect, Survey Sampling (SSI), 7Core Communications, and BDO Parkmall.

The opening rites will start at 8 a.m. with a parade of the participating teams.  A search for the best muse and a dance competition will also be held.  Participants will also take part in am Aero G Zumba as part of the festivities.

Gagno said that this event has been made possible with Donewell Pest Control, Chicken Deli, and Slimmers World as co-presentors,

Major backers are Innodata for the event venue, Casino ethyl alcohol, Omega Pro Pain Killer, 93.9 iFM, and www.fullpointcebucom.

The sports competitions will start on November 15 while the one-day football tournament kicks off on November 22.

Gagno added that through this effort, Extremez Sports Federation hopes to raise funds for a football clinic that they intend to organize for the dependents of the BPO employees early next year.

For more information about the event, you can also check the Facebook fan page of the 2015 Inter BPOlympics Cebu Season 2.

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