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CEBU CITY, Philippines – Global Cebu FC and KAYA-FC Makati fought to a more The University of the Visayas (UV) Baby Lancers stretched their streak to 3-0 more The University of San Carlos (USC) Warriors is enjoying the solo lead in the more Former Cebu City-based tennisters Feb Wyndell Deja and Rucel Cero clinched the more The Global Cebu FC keeps its streak for the 6th time at home as it edged Davao more

Full Point Cebu – Where Points Matter

If you have been wondering what had happened to, well we share the same thoughts.

There was some problem with the site and we decided to build a new one so that we can accommodate more press releases and stories from fellow sportswriters and those wanting to have the events in their communities be known by others.

Thanks to my UP Tao brother, Floyd Buenavente, who again made this happen and also to my “little sister” Marsante G. Alison, who will be regularly contributing stories.

This site, will be a venue not only for Cebu sports news, but news about sports in general.

There will also be some changes in the layout and we will be creating Facebook and Twitter accounts for the site that shall help with us in the live coverage of events.

This is still something very new and we’d like to hear from you so we can make the site better.  Please do not hesitate to email for any comment or suggestion and your press releases.  Pictures are also most welcome.

I will also try to upload some of the older articles from the original website, which generated over 18,000 views in 14 months.

Back in 1993 when I took over as sports editor of The Freeman, we reached out to the community for their different sporting events.

By doing that, we got more people to read the newspaper and also drew more people to our section.

This is going to be a web version of that activity that started 20 years ago.

I will still retain my blog on my musings about sports and yes, traffic.  I wrote two columns when I was with the newspaper – Full Point for sports and Motorists’ Corner, which dealt mainly with the everyday lives and ranting of our fellow motorists.

I guess this is the dream of having a sports publication based in Cebu becoming a reality for me.  Only, this is on-line and we can reach out to more people and attract advertisers.

Yes, you can also support this by advertising.

This is it – is back!

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