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Many sports organizations are doing their share in helping those badly affected by super typhoon Yolanda.

A few running events were organized as fund-raising activities and various sporting groups also pooled their resources together and accepted donations so their members can go the affected areas and help in the relief and rehabilitations efforts.

Last weekend, donations gathered by the football community through the efforts of Frederick “K-tec” Alazas were brought to the northern part of Cebu.

There were also food packs donated by employees and members of Alta Vista Golf and Country Club that were distributed to the caddies of Mercedes Plantation Golf and Country Club in Medellin.

Another very laudable effort was he Bangon Visayas Football Cup organized by Tanya Dominique Chica at the Cebu International School.  The funds that were raised through the one-day tournament, which was also Tanya’s birthday, would be used to buy hammers, saws, and nails that would be given to a hundred families so they can rebuild their homes.

I’m sure that hats were also passed in many gatherings at sports activities and the funds collected have been given to those who need them most.

What makes participating in a sporting activity more worthwhile is when you know that the proceeds of the event would be going to a very good cause.

It has been almost a month since the super typhoon hit several provinces and a month and a half since the devastating earthquake rocked Bohol.  What is good to know is that the people continue to show how much they care for our countrymen and while I do not hope for more calamities, I hope that such attitude of coming forward to help without expecting anything in return will be nurtured.


            When we started accepting donations at the University of the Philippines Cebu last November 10, there have been several friends, who without hesitation, sent money through me to help buy relief goods for the typhoon victims.

            First to do so was no less than somebody who also finished first back in 1986 when we took the entrance exams for the PMA, my mistah Apollo Agcaoili, a graduate of the United States Military Academy (West Point).

            After Paul’s contribution, a good old friend, who I still refer to as Captain, not because he was a captain back when we were in the Citizens Military Training Unit of UP Cebu, but as skipper of our football team, Angelo Restificar, also sent some money.

            Then my cousin Wella Llanos Catapang-Crowder, a fellow UPian, also sent money that she collected from friends and also my high school classmate Rey Villavelez.

            Another good old friend, Laura Taylor-Brandon, who has lots of family in Ormoc, also tried to send some aid through me, but some problems with the transmission made it impossible to get the money, so I believe she sent it through another group instead.

            Very recently, Lilian Adolfo, the former nurse of Alta Vista, who is now based in Norway, also sent some cash to help those who survived the storm.

             I’m sure many of you also have your own stories to tell of people, who came forward not to become heroes, but simply to help those in need.  May your tribe increase!


            MILESTONES:  Happy birthday to another general (manager) among my mistahs, Rico Lavalle of Rex Bookstore.

The same goes to my former students Nancy Cudis, Joanna Motoomull, and Sheila Peñafort; GMA-7’s Ann Marie Tan; and Reza Nora.

Belated greetings to Tanya Chica, Alice Costales, Michelle Varron, Michelle Eve de Guzman, Francis Wah, Morfar Melgar, and Paulina Lee, who all turned a year older last Sunday.

More power to all of you!

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