Don’t break your heart, just enjoy the game



“Please enjoy the golf. Don’t worry about the results.”

This is the advice of former top women’s golfer Se Ri Pak to young golfers.

While many say they play the game to relax and be one with nature, there are also many whose tempers flare because they miss putts or find their ball in the hazard or in an unplayable lie.

I used to get angry at such normal occurrences in a game of golf, then I realized that I don’t only have a bad game, I also have a bad day.

Maybe it was because I was embarrassed at the mess I made, but it is more embarrassing to flare up and totally lose control.

So, now I manage to smile when I hit a ball out of bounds or hit it into a lake.  When I miss a putt, I look at the caddie, not to berate him or her for giving me a wrong advice on the break, but only to later break into a smile that I am lousy at the game.

Enjoying the company of friends makes the game more fun.

If there is any consolation to bad golf shots, it is the fact that at the end of a tournament, there will be raffles and then you could be god at it no matter how high your handicap is.

One reason why golf clubs are raising hell about the collection of amusement taxes from green fees is that the way an average golfer plays is not amusing at all.

Golf can be fun with the right group to be with.


The golf clubs are now preparing their teams for the 67th Philippine Airlines Interclub Golf Tournament, which will be hosted by Negros Occidental Golf and Country Club in Bacolod City and the Bacolod Golf club in the town of Murcia, Negros Occidental.

These clubs are also referred to as Marapara (NOGCC) and Bintin for (BGC).

The first time I covered the tournament was back in 1994 and since then I have been to 20 straight PAL Interclubs.  This year, I am still deciding whether to go or not.

My main role would now be to be with the team and writing about the results will be second although I still feel I owe it to those who follow and those who follow Cebu golf to be able to deliver the results.

It’s hard to kick the habit that I developed for the past 20 years hehehe…


            While writing this, I am waiting for my tee time for the matchplay stage of the Tournament of Aces of Alta Vista Golf and Country Club.

How I got to this stage of the tournament still leaves me wondering, but maybe I was luckier than the rest during the qualifying round.

Before you get it wrong, I am in the lowest handicap bracket, so it doesn’t really amount to much in terms of golf skills.

I did not play judo for more than seven years due to an injury, but when I returned to the dojo a few weeks ago, I knew I could still do it.

I quit football at the end of 2007 also due to the same injury and when I played again on November 2012, it all just came back.

In golf, it is a different story and my job, though puts me in a place right smack where the game is played, does not really encourage me to play more.  When you don’t play often, golf is a very jealous sport as it makes you pay for not paying more attention.


            MILESTONES:  Belated happy birthday greetings to my cousin Mary Ann Quiñones-Unto. Belated greetings also go to Chito Malabanan, Hazel Kiunisala, Joseph Gonzales, Phoebe Espinosa-Cale, Michael Bronce, my Tao sis Debbie Duraliza, Galina Daño-Yumang, Lou del Prado-Torrefranca, twin sister Katherine and Khristine Dante, Soraiya Umabong, Athena Catedral, Arlene Donaire, Rhoel Dejaño, Joey Daluz, and my buddy/compadre/mistah Jonathan Martinez.

Today’s greetings go to Jennifer Pauline Belarmino, Beth Teves, and Elaine Montecillo.

More power to all of you!

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