Dancesports Team Cebu City Rules DSCPI’s 1st Quarterly Ranking in Metro Manila

Dancesports Team Cebu City (Photo By Mars G. Alison)
Dancesports Team Cebu City 

Dancesports Team Cebu City (DTCC) started the year right by dominating the DSCPI 1st Quarterly Ranking and Competition with 13 gold medals, eight silver and six bronze medals. The event was held last Saturday at the Philsports Multi-Purpose Arena in Pasig City, Metro Manila.

John Lloyd Leyson with partner Ouie Selene Rendon led the Cebu rout with four gold medals in the Juvenile A and C categories of both the Modern Standard and Latin American Disciplines.

Leyson and Rendon’s golden performance more than made up for the dismal fifth place finish of DTCC’s bemedalled duo Wilbert Aunzo and Pearl Marie Caneda who had a couple of mishaps while competing in the Latin American Grade A category. Aunzo had slipped and failed to catch a conservatively-dressed Caneda during the Jive routine. The two made a valiant effort to recover but failed to impress the judges, one of whom gave them a low score of seven.

DTCC’s campaign in the category was saved by the bronze finish of new tandem Ansel Estellore and Mary Desiree Seraga, who wowed the judges with the energetic execution of their dance moves.

A number of the participants also complained about the slippery floor saying they were having a hard time concentrating on their routine as they tried not to slip.

Another multiple gold medal contributor was the Camacho siblings James Bryan and Christine who topped the Youth C category of both Modern Standard and Latin American Disciplines.

DTCC directress Eleonor Hayco accounted for one of the gilts via the Latin American Senior A category with partner Jimmy Noel. She also had a silver finish in the Latin American Teacher-Student 2-A category, this time with Aunzo as her partner.

Making good his return to the competition is Kelly Jay Diluvio, who together with his partner, Eijen Lidon, snatched the gold in the Grade D category of the Latin American Discipline.

Also finishing with a gold in the Modern Standard Discipline were Lloyd Simon Asuque and RyLyn Jhea Romeo in the Junior C, and the Villarta siblings Zjiane Troy and Zjiana Tracy in the Youth A category.

The rest of the gold medals were clinched in the Latin American Discipline via Kevin Bert Diluvio and Jam Flores in the Teacher-Student 1-C and the husband and wife tandem of Ronnie Steeve and Charlea Vergara, who had no competition in the professional category.

Aside from Hayco and Aunzo, also finishing with a silver are Jake Emmanuel Corro and Anndreah Kiem Capangpangan in the Junior A and C of both dance disciplines for a total of four silver medals, Andrew Ysla and Noelyn Mie Pedrano in the Youth A of Modern Standard and Latin American, and Jeffrey Ruben Benarao and Mary Mae Canillo in the Latin American Teacher-Student 1-C.

The third place finishers were Nino Salve and Jannah Marie Pugoy in the Juvenile C also of both dance disciplines, Romeo Jay Cialbo and Mae Pabuaya in the Modern Dance Teacher-Student 1-C, Roi Inoue Rendon and Sharmaine Bue Maloloy-on in the Teacher-Student 1-C, Asuque and Romeo in the Junior C, and Benarao and Canillo in the Grade B, all in the Latin American Discipline.

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