Cebu sports is back on full swing



Manny Pacquiao did it again last Sunday.  He did not only give the Filipinos a reason to celebrate, but he also helped clear the streets and limit criminality.

While the nation and his fans around the world are celebrating the victory of Pacquiao against Brandon Rios, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) somehow did what Rios could not – floor Pacquiao.

I am not going to comment about the freezing of the Pacman’s assets not because I fear that what little I have might also be frozen, but for the simple reason that it would be best to know all the facts first before reacting or clicking the like and share buttons.

Yes, the timing seems bad, but we should know both sides first and not fall into the trap that many people on social media have fallen into – reacting without understanding.

If there is one wish I have for Pacman that is for him to overcome this problem so he can once again inspire our people with his ring savvy.  Forget his singing or his acting career and most of all forget his political career.  For me, Pacquiao has served the country well as a boxing champion and that’s it.


            It seems that the sporting scene in Cebu has also slowly recovered from the catastrophe brought about by super typhoon Yolanda with sporting events going full swing last weekend.

            There was the Tomodachi Invitational Tournament at the Cebu Country Club and the November Monthly Medal at Alta Vista Golf and Country Club.

           I would have wanted to smell the grass at the football pitch by watching the Sun Star Cup last weekend, but my schedule was a little tight so I had to be satisfied with reading the results in the newspaper and seeing the pictures posted on Facebook.

            There were also the running events of the Red Cross and UP High School, which was another one that I was supposed to attend.

            I am probably getting old, or simply too busy to enjoy the many sporting events that Cebu is hosting on weekends.

            Cebu is a great venue for sports despite the fact that we only have the Cebu Coliseum as main venue for basketball in Cebu City.  We have the Cebu City Sports Center that has a rubberized track oval and a pretty good football field that can be transformed into a great field for big events.

            Thanks also to the City of Lapu-Lapu for building the Hoopsdome, which is now the premiere basketball venue for Cebu. 

            We also have wonderful resorts that can host triathlons and other adventure events and water sports.

            We even have specially-made sand courts for beach volleyball far from the shores.

            Another major reason why Cebu is a great venue for sports is our central location and the amenities that can be offered like hotels, hospitals, and other establishments needed for big events.

            What I am just wondering is how come nobody has invested on a better sports arena in Cebu City?  It is about time we have one.


            MILESTONES: Happy birthday greetings to my big brother, Ramon Sebastian, who turned a year older today.  The same goes to Alex Quitazol, Melanie Guanzon-Uy, Jurellen Paez, Mon-mon Escaño, Joenelene Omega, and Noel Acedillo.

Belated greetings go to my cousin Shena Quiñones, who celebrated yesterday.  The same also go to Sheila Bisnar-Estella, Joanna Gaviola, Kai Tautjo, Erniebeth Torrano, Adrian Ding, my golfing partner Abdul Rafi Lomondaya, and my cousin Atty. Clarence Trocio.

More power to all of you!


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