CBX 30th Anniversary Celebration Fartlek Run July 23

CBX 30th Anniversary Celebration Fartlek Run

The CBX 30th Anniversary Celebration Fartlek Run happening on July 23, a Sunday, at the Cebu Business Park will be a new experience for local runners. In lieu of a cash prize, top 3 male and female in the 3K, 6K and 12K distance categories will get Information Technology (IT) products. Up for grabs is an Epson printer, a 19.5-inch computer monitor, external hard drives as well as cellphones. CBX has also prepared tons of IT products as raffle prizes for those who cannot make it to the top 3. The total prize of the items to be given out is P150,000.

Aside from that, the top 3 male and female winners will also get trophies.

What makes the CBX fun run different from other runs that have been previously held is that it has a different concept, the fartlek run, an idea brought up by CBX sales/marketing and branch manager Myrna Rañola.

The Fartlek run is a very simple form of long distance running. It is defined as periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running. In the CBX Fartlek run, participants can run at their own pace, they can go fast then slow then fast again. They have a choice whether to cross the finish line of the 3K, or if they feel that they can still carry on, they can opt to go for the 6K or so on to the 12K. This is the reason why the fun run will have a mass start. And, why they have the same amount of P450 as registration fee for all distances.

The registration fee inclusions are race bib, singlet, drawstring bag, snacks, raffle stub and a gift voucher.

Juarez said that runners must decide if they will continue or not to the longer distances because once they cross the finish line, they will already be barred from continuing to run in the longer distances.

CBX 30th Anniversary Celebration Fartlek Run

Rañola thought of the Fartlek run because they wanted something different to celebrate CBX Corporation’s 30th anniversary. And, to gain the public’s support.

Wilbert Lim of the CBX Corp. management, said that they started the company back in 1987 as a manufacturer of uninterruptible power supply (UPS). In fact, they were the first Cebuano to have manufactured the UPS called Pulsar. They then evolved into a company that addresses the growing computerization needs of the industry.

They opted to celebrate their 30 years in the business with a fun run because they want to make it a memorable event for everyone, their employees, customers and the general public. Lim encourages participants to bring their families and run together with them.

Not only is it a Fartlek run but it is also a bubble run. Juarez said it will be the first time that colored bubbles will be used in a bubble run. Lim said that they will have the bubbles not only to make the event more fun but because bubbles look like pearls, which is the symbol for a 30th anniversary.

He added that they will use the colors pink and blue for the bubbles because when they are combined, they become lavender, which is the color of CBX Corporation.

Pocari Sweat, an ion drink, and one of the sponsors of the event will put up two hydration stations along the run route. They will be handing out the drink in cups at the hydration stations while each participant will get a bottle at the finish line.

Also, for the first time and to join in CBX’s anniversary celebration, Pocari Sweat will hold games for the participants and will give exciting prizes and loot bags.

Fund raising for beneficiaries

The CBX 30th Anniversary Celebration Fartlek Run is not just a fun run but it is also a fundraising for CBX Corp.’s beneficiaries–Carreta Elementary School and Homecare Center for Children in Lapu-Lapu wherein they do feeding.

Lim’s wife, Margie Lim, said that for seven years now, they have been giving school supplies to some 800 students at the Carreta Elementary School during the opening of classes.

Aside from that they donate computer products to the school.

CBX will use the fun run to raise funds for six toilets for the Carreta Elementary School.

Those interested can register at the Runnr in Ayala, Toby’s Sports at SM Cebu and SM Seaside, Cebu City Sports Center from 4pm to 8pm daily, and at CBX stores at the North Reclamation Area and Jones.





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