A good sporting week



I had a good week for sports last week.  For the first time in more than seven or has it been eight years, I was back in the dojo for judo and I managed to squeeze in a round of golf in the weekend after a long layoff and took home a trophy.

While many of my friends kid me about winning the raffle prizes and not the trophies, I took a look at my small collection recently and found out that I haven’t really done that bad all these years.

One thing that I can say for sure is that while I may have won some really great looking trophies from golf tournaments, the two most precious trophies in the group are those given by Sportswriters Association of Cebu and San Miguel Corporation in the annual All-Cebu Sports Awards.

Twice, I did become judo athlete of the year – first was almost 25 years ago and the second was 20 years ago.

I can only dream of getting back into such shape and doing all the things I used to do, but that is a reality we have to face.  The added weight, injuries, and age when they contrive to make your life difficult are very unforgiving.

Now that I am finding the time to get back into the dojo with my former coach Leonardo ‘Jojo’ Roa, Jr., my goals aren’t like the ones I used to have back during my college days.  I am wiser now and less reckless, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be soft hehehe…


            The Cebu Football Association (CFA) is not resting this year and has several things lined up for the community.

            We have the many tournaments that are keeping not only the players and coaches busy, but the referees as well.

            This is the reason why one of the priorities of the association is to boost the number of referees in Cebu.

            We need to do this if we want the sport to develop.  While improving the skills of the coaches and player is important, I strongly support the efforts to improve officiating as this is a key to encourage more players to enjoy the sport.

            Of course, the CFA will also push through with another Asian Football Confederation (AFC) C License course for coaches later this year.

            There are also two major events planned, but I am not allowed to announce anything yet as all these are tentative.  I am very excited for both events though and I am really hoping they would push through.

            This will be another interesting year for football in Cebu.


            I saw on Facebook last week a bike spa service being offered by my good friend Gene Faelnar at his shop on Nivel Hills.

For Php 400 your bike can get the pampering it needs so it will be ready to take you to places.

I told Gene that I am taking my bike there soon for such TLC.  I guess it is time to give my old bike some loving although it is not being used as often the past two years.


            MILESTONES: Happy birthday greetings go to Mayenne Cuyos and to Cookie Sechong.

Belated greetings go to Magdalo Partylist Rep. Ashley Acedillo, John Fidler, Sheila Nier-Micarandayo, Col. Ernesto ‘Jun’ Torres, my mistah Remegio Arque, Junjet Primor, and my foster sister Roma Villareal-Santiago.

More power to all of you!

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