5th Victor Uy golfest tees off



As a tribute to the group of people, who make playing golf a lot easier, in some cases more complicated, the 5th Victor Uy Memorial Golf Tournament for caddies teed off Monday at the par-72 Cebu Country Club.

A total of 166 players are registered for this year’s event with the 75 players of the ladies division teeing off on the 23rd.

The 91 players of the men’s division will play on March 30 yet.

This event is organized by the family of the late Victor Uy as a tribute to the caddies, who are often referred to as bag-toters, but oftentimes they help players achieve their goals on the golf course by giving the correct yardage or the right club or the break of the green.

The tournament is backed by Nonie Uy, Louie Uy, and Jojo Uy.

The awards ceremony and dinner will be held on March 30 at the CCC ballroom.

The System-36 handicapping format is used in the event with the players grouped under three handicap categories for each gender.( NIMROD NL QUIÑONES)


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